Profile File Schema

This is the schema for Pumlhorse profile files (.pumlprofile). Profile files are in YAML format.

  • include - This array lists the files and/or directories to run
  • contexts - The context file(s) to use
  • isRecursive - Whether or not to search directories recursively
  • maxConcurrentFiles - Maximum number of scripts to run in parallel.
  • isVerbose - If true, Pumlhorse will display more detail about errors.
  • modules - Pumlhorse modules to automatically include in each script.

Here is an example file:

  - one_file.puml
  - another_file.puml
  - a_script_directory
  - another_directory
  - dev_urls.yaml
  - dev_db_strings.yaml
isRecursive: true
maxConcurrentFiles: 5
isVerbose: true
  - name: myModule
    path: .path/to/Module
  - name: myModule2
    path: .path/to/Module2