Pumlhorse Lessons

These lessons are designed to help show you the power of Pumlhorse.

Chapter 0 - Getting Started

Install Pumlhorse, set up a file editor.

Chapter 1 - My First Script

Write your first script and run it.

Chapter 2 - Using Variables

Learn how to save data to variables and access it later.

Chapter 3 - Assertions

Use assertions to easily set up a test suite.

Chapter 4 - Flow Control

Spice up your scripts with loops, if/else, parallel processing, and cleanup steps!

Chapter 5 - HTTP Functions

Get all RESTful with Pumlhorse’s built-in HTTP functions.

Chapter 6 - Advanced Command Line

Advanced features of the Command Line Interface. Learn how to use contexts and profiles for powerful and flexible scripts.

Chapter 7 - Setting Up a Project

Tips for organizing your test scripts, context files, modules, and profiles.