The following are functions that don’t fit in any other section.


Converts text from one encoding to another. Typically used for base64 encoding/decoding.

- inBase64 = convertText:
    text: My text value
    to: base64
- originalValue = convertText:
    from: base64

If not specified, parameters to and from are set to “utf-8”.


Generates a new date from a string. If no string is specified, it returns the current date

- newYear = date: 1/1/2017
- now = date
- log: New year was $newYear, now it's $now

The result of date is a JavaScript Date object. This allows you to use the built in functionality.

- newYear = date: 1/1/2017
- areEqual:
    expected: 2017
    actual: $newYear.getFullYear()


This function prompts the reader to input a value. This is presented differently depending on where the script is running (Command-Line, Visual Studio Code extension, etc.), and may not always be available.

# Option 1
- prompt:
    ask: What is your username?
    for: username
# Option 2
- password = prompt: What is your password?
- log: Your username is $username and your password is $password.length characters

In the above example, the user is prompted for username. If the script is run with a context where the username value is already set, it will use that value and skip prompting the user.