Pumlhorse is a scripting tool for quickly creating powerful, readable, and reusable scripts.

Some practical situations include:

  • Test cases
  • DevOps support scripts
  • Load tests

Pumlhorse is built on top of the powerful Node.js platform and comes with a wide array of built in features. It also supports custom modules.

Blurring the lines of DEV and QA

Too often, there is a separation of responsibilities between developers and testers. Developers are responsible for writing unit tests, and testers do the integration testing. Pumlhorse helps blur that line by providing a lightweight engine for developers to use, as well as the ability to create helper modules to simplify testing efforts.

For example, many test cases involve logging into the system somehow. Rather than requiring a long list of precondition steps, a developer (or tester, for that matter) can create a “login” function that performs all the steps. This also improves the readability of the script.

How do I get it?

After installing Node.js, run the following command: npm install -g pumlhorse

See the documentation for more information for running Pumlhorse.

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